VibudhAalaya Extension school

Live courses, Projects, On-site workshops, Tutoring services for everyone--students and professionals

The Extension school is Vibudhaalaya extended to the world–for every learner seeking part-time, online or on-site courses, projects as well as training workshops to advance their academic interests and career opportunities.

Some of the highlights of our programs are below. Visit testimonials for futher details.
- Programs are designed by experts with teaching, research and industry experience.
- Programs are highly interactive where learners are questioned and pushed to solve a lot of problems (“inquiry-based active learning”)
- Programs are learner-centric and progress according to the pace and depth of the learner. For this reason, the number of hours listed on the course pages is an estimate.
- With batch classes, batch size is limited so as to give adequate attention to individuals.
- Cutting edge tools and technologies are being used.
- WhatsApp support is provided in between classes.
- Career counseling is integrated with the programs.
- Content and problems are designed for seamless progress from beginner level to advanced level.

Click on the following areas (listed alphabetically) for the specifics. Click here for details of the different instructors.