Recently, Vibudhaalaya launched online courses. It has been organising summer camps since 2017. Here are some of the testimonials on both.

It is very good because the way that you teach is at a good pace. It is also nice how most of the work is done by me, including fixing errors, and how the answer isn’t given to me and I have to work it out using the things we have learnt in the lesson. Also the homework is really fun and I get cool challenges based on the lesson.
- Anirudh, student of Queen Elizabeth’s School (top rated school for boys).

“I have attended the first class of C programming language. It was a completely different experience. The way Dr. Shobana taught us is good. In every course or video about C introduction, they will start with “Hello world” program. But here we learned about ASCII values and then we did a simple addition program. And she gives us small tasks that are more imteresting and make us self learn. So, this course is more useful. This is the best place for beginners to start his/ her programming journey. I am so happy. Thank you so much Vibudhaalaya.”

“I sent my daughter for summer camp in Vibudhaalaya for consecutive 3 years starting from 2017, when it was first launched. That time she was in grade II. The first thing I observed about the camp is that, the activities were well thought of and very nicely planned. It was a camp which kept the kids occupied throughout the day (10:30 am-3:30 pm) with activities that imbibes holistic development of a kid. The day use to start with Yoga and meditation, followed by other academic activities. Dr Shobana, the founder of Vibudhaalaya, herself engaged the kids with various subjects that includes Maths, Science, English and Hindi. The camp also hosted puzzle sessions by puzzle master and art and craft sessions. My daughter use to love the camp so much that she was unwilling to miss it even for a single day. The academic activities were designed in such a way that the kids learn certain topics in a fun filled way. For example, kids use to learn spellings from USA Scripps national spelling bee wordlist though word cookie games. Solving Math Olympiad mock test papers were a part of their daily routine. They learnt about various topics in science like evaporation, condensation etc through hands-on activities. They learnt fractions while executing a recipe of gulab jamun. The camp also hosted an introductory session on the Constitution of India. The art and craft sessions exposed to kids to various different types of techniques like Charcoal painting, Tie-dye t-shirt painting, Spray painting, artwork with fruits etc. The kids use love the art sessions a lot. In the second and third year, a couple of new things got added to the curriculum that includes chess, fun experiments with physics, aero modeling, and building small circuits using sensors. My daughter developed interest for chess from the camp, and today she takes professional training in chess. Overall, it was great experience for my daughter to be a part of the camp at Vibhudhaalaya throughout the entire summers. It is indeed an opportunity for parents like us to find such intense summer camps which helps in bringing out the true potential of a kid. I wish all the best to Vibudhaalaya in its future endeveours.”
Baishali (Parent)
Travelled more than 50 KM everyday

“I prefer to put him in your summer camp every year without fail if you are going to conduct these kinds of summer camps. I really appreciate your effort for these kids. Plz let us know when u do something different also. I would like to send Lalith for all of those.”

“I will enroll my son whenever you conduct any program for children.”

“While attending the summer camp, my son learned many things apart from their school syllabus, even activity-oriented like sports, aircraft models and basic electrical designs etc. So, overall feedback is very nice.”