Best open school in Bangalore? Vibudhaalaya Open School is on top of the list.

By Kartik

Education is one of the essential non-tangible possessions a person could ever have in his or her life. As what elders say, nobody could ever steal nor take it away from you. It is vital to be knowledgeable for an individual to be self-actualized. Still, it is even more satisfying and uplifting to finish a degree due to self-perseverance, determination, and passion.

The National Institution of Open School paved the way to help those individuals who do not want or able to go to school for various reasons they may have. Some students also learn faster (gifted children) than average students and therefore, need different approach of learning suited for their individual needs. Open schools allow the individual the chance of getting an education in a way that they can adjust their subjects and programs based on their interest and pace of learning. It also caters to the needs of a heterogeneous group of individuals and extends learning facilities according to the intellectual needs and capacity of the individual level, as an independent system with its curriculum.

First, why open schools are known to be an excellent educational providers?

  1. Open schools are highly customized, meaning that the learners’ individuality, self-development, intellectual needs, and capacities prioritize in this kind of system.

  1. Schools under this kind of system are mostly self-regulated and focus only on the areas of interest and likeness of the individual.

  1. In this kind of learning, students are more relaxed with their conducive and comfortable study area. They may start at whichever place they want begin to study that could trigger their appetite for learning.

What is one of the recommended schools in South Bangalore?

Located at the capital of Karnataka, India, the majestic Electronic city of Bangalore is the home of the recently opened top academic institute, Vibudhaalaya Open School.

For people who are looking for the best schools around Bangalore, Vibudhaalaya is one to be considered. This institute gives attention to every child so that their potential (gift) comes out and gets pushed. They hone their learners and helps students to become independent and ethical. The institute provides a variety of updated information and learning materials easily accessible to the student. A child’s dedication, patience, and willingness to learning are nonetheless the critical components in their pursuit of success. It aims to in-depth facilitate a child wants to go into their chosen field, and at whatever fast pace they want to take it.

Vibudhaalaya allows freedom and flexibility for the student’s own pace of learning. The enthusiasm from this school promotes eagerness and the students’ willingness to learn new knowledge and develop their potentialities without any distractions or pressure from their environment. This institution aims to have remodeled education that is flexible enough that will be able to create a learning environment that will inspire all its learners to unravel their skills, talents and improve their potentialities to its maximum level. Unlike traditional school learning, Vibudhaalaya is more focused on expanding sufficient existing knowledge to become more vigorous through educational materials that are innovative and creative enough to facilitate an individual learning. This school’s sturdy learning materials equalize and close the gap for the students who can now access their high academic proficiency through its promising mechanisms in providing excellent teaching materials.

This school is not focused on high expectations placed on the children by others, but on empowering the children reach and exceed their self-expectations. It aims to revitalize the learner’s passions towards learning while providing a quality education that is available for everyone. This school has an extensive link to further higher education through its magnificent strong knowledge management through a flourished modern way of competent teaching and adaptable form of evaluation for its students.

Vibudhaalaya serves as a change agent in developing its learner’s self-esteem, healthy well-being, and motivation through their sustainable learning opportunity for everyone. This school is purposeful in guiding its students to become the best version of themselves through updated learning materials that spark interest and excitement to study or learn more. It also provides the 21st century’s most promising lessons that the student will be able to use as soon as they graduate from schooling. This school will allow the learner to develop more competencies and apply their relevant knowledge in specific situations in real life, most notably in the work setting.

Vibudhaalaya provides programs that give flexibility in choosing courses for the learner’s age and pace frame. Students are also allowed the required amount of freedom in this kind of education system.

This school also provides the cognitive and non-cognitive basis of education. It gives the students relevant knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that will be handy in real life-long situations and for further education that the student may wish to pursue. Individual attention is given to every student.

Vibudhaalaya provides holistic education to every child. It is developmental and aspires every learning to meet their potentials and make use of it for their success. Vibudhaalaya works hand in hand with the student and their parents to reach their goals and be the best versions that they can be. The democratic system, as well as its Founders and Facilitators’ education and passion for guiding the learners, make Vibudhaalaya one of the best schools in Bangalore, India.