An open school in E-city, Bangalore

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Want the best school in Bangalore?

An open school that is committed to enabling your child become the best of what s/he can, in a democratic and holistic way.

Full-time schooling

Online now, accessible around the world. Post-COVID, on-campus or blended (on-campus, online). If opting for exams, as private candidates.

Part-time schooling

Option to enroll for only selected subjets and activities. Currently online. Post-COVID, on-campus or blended on-campus and online.


If your child is attending another school or homeschooling but you want a step-by-step plan for your child.

Extension school

For students and teachers of other schools, students and faculty of colleges as well as professionals looking to upskill or deepen their theory.


A Democractic Open School in Bangalore for 6 - 16 year youngs

An Open School Lets the child learn the subjects of their choice, as fast and as deep as they want to.

A Democratic School All group activities and the entire school would run based on “voting”, leading to “For the children, By the children, Of the children”.

VibudhAalaya Our focus is on the child becoming an expert than merely doing well in exams. We enable this by letting the children work with experts. Our facilitators are experts themselves, with experience in all of teaching, research and industry. Founder has 20 such years of experience. We also have experts from around the world to mentor the children. If a child opts to write exams, we give them focussed training and enable them to take NIOS or IGCSE exams, as private candidates, at an exam center in Bangalore.

Holistic development The word “vibudh” means wise and “aalaya” means house in Sanskrit. We bring together ancient wisdom and modern science, as symbolized by our logo. In particular, we practice mindfulness-based meditation as our way of life.

VibudhAalaya Extension School

We have programs for non-Vibudhaalya learners also--students and teachers of other schools, students and faculty of colleges, professionals and parents

Placement Mentorship and Training for Competive Programming using Python, Java or C
Machine Learning and Deep Learning - Intuition and implementation for real-world business problems, using Python
Astronomy (Space and Solar system) and Aerospace (UAV) courses, activities and programming for all levels
Dealing with behavioural issues in children such as not doing homework by themselves and not reading.

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