Our services

It is high time a school fits to the requirements of you and your child rather than the child fitting to the convenience of the school.

Accordingly, we offer the following options for your child’s schooling.

1. Full-time schooling

Love us and want to be with us throughout the year? We’d love it too! Regular, year-round schooling where your child participates in all our activities. Details of how Vibudhaalaya works can be found here. This will be completely online as long as corona is controlling us. But not to worry, the corona virus won’t last long - it’s made in China!

2. Part-time schooling

You are good in something and want to teach it yourself to your child? No worries. We’ll handle the rest of the subjects and activities. You and your child can choose specific subjects/ activities, for the whole academic year.

3. Blended schooling

Far from our campus and want to drop in only when possible? Blend online and on-campus (post COVID-19) schooling, throughout the year.

4. Try before you buy

Try for a month before you commit for the long haul.

5. Mentorship program

Based on our expertise and experience, we will understand your child and create a “blueprint” which is a step-by-step plan of action, for your child.