How the school works

The school operates by level (rather than by age) of children. Informally, there are five levels, roughly corresponding to mainstream school’s grades 1 - 3, grades 4 - 6, grades 7 and 8, grades 9 and 10 and grades 11 and 12.

Also, parents are involved actively in decisions about their children as well as in tracking their progress.

At the beginning of every academic year, children “sign-up” for guided sessions as well as self learning sesssions according to their level, interests and needs. These are discussed during annual meetings with children and their parents.

Progress of the children are discussed with parents quarterly and adjustments are done as needed.

During their everyday “reflection” time, children review and record their learning as well as record any problems they have. If they need help from others, they attend “stand-up” meetings that are held every three days, in an agile way.

In the quarterly meetings, new ideas and activities as well as any required changes are also discussed.

There are committees to organize these meetings, implement actions and evaluate their effectiveness. Interested children become members of these committees. If there are contestants, members are elected based on “voting”.

Parents are invited to drop in at any time and also to get involved in any activity.

Assessments and exams

For the children choosing to write exams, all the resources and support that they ask for are provided. They appear as private candidates through authorized exam centers of NIOS and IGCSE boards.

Children get resources and support towards other exams that they aspire to undertake such as international olympiads (International Maths Olympiad, International Cyber Olympiad), hackathons, spell bees (deemed equivalent to US Scripps National Spell Bee) etc.