The following are some of the people who have been supporting and guiding this organization, honararily.

Prakash Gudnavar, Chief Advisor

Prakash is a co-founder of BeMe open school, Bangalore and is currently taking care of their operations.

Srividya Swaminathan, Chartered Accountant

Srividya has been the Finance Head of an NGO taking urban education facilities and pattern to rural children.

Currently, she is a partner with a 40-year old audit firm, with a specialization in taxation and statutory audits, comprehensive accounting and compliance service. As a chartered accountant and cost accountant, she had over 10 years experience in manufacturing and service industry, before getting into CA Practice in 2011.

Santosh Rao, Technology and Finance Advisor

Santosh is very passionate about education and believes that the best investment we can make in the future wellbeing of our planet is kids’ education. He also strongly believes that the kids who are most likely to be successful in the future are the ones that have a strong academic foundation (not just in STEM but also in the arts and humanities) and can also confidently apply their minds to navigate a chaotic and uncertain future. Santosh has a keen interest in culture, politics and astronomy and dabbles in writing and poetry.

Currently, he is a Senior Product Architect at Akamai Technologies in Santa Clara, California. In his current role, he provides technical leadership on improving media streaming performance.Before coming to Akamai, he spent several years at a CalTech spinoff called FastSoft and holds a patent on Fast TCP. Prior to that, he obtained his graduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California where he did research on network anomaly detection.

Srinivasan Raghavendran, Technology Advisor

Srinivasan is the Director of an IT consultancy company in London, specializing in using cloud architecture for multifaceted transformation programmes. He has been a mangement consultant in big consulting organizations and has over 19 years of experience in IT sector.

Hetang Mehta, Arts and Crafts Advisor

Hetang believes that every person has art in their heart. He has been an arts facilitator for varied age groups, for over 18 years, including at Army Public School, SSVRM, Sri Kumaran Children’s Home, DAV and several other institutions.

Currently, he runs his own firm of designing and professional training.