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A mother is the first teacher of a child. Most often, parents know their child the best. Therefore, quite naturally, when parents and teachers work together with the child, it becomes easier for the child to blossom. Here, we share our recommendations derived from literature and experience.

PA101: 'Instruction manual'

For new parents

Level: Beginner; Pre-requisites: None

New parents typically have many questions such as 'Should I let the child sleep with us or alone? Should I nurse the child whenever she cries? What toys to buy? If I don't discipline my child, am I spoiling him?'

PA102: Collaborative problem solving

For parents, teachers and any adults

Level: Beginner; Pre-requisites: None

Is getting your child to school everyday a nightmare? Do you have a child who screams without much of emotional regulation? Is there a child in your class who would not sit at one place no matter what? Are there bullies in your class? Learn to deal with behavioural issues in children of all ages. The techniques covered in the class are equally applicable to interactions amongst adults as well.