Computer Science, Social Media

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CS101: Graphics design

Colours, graphics and basic animations

Level: Beginner; Pre-requisites: None

Wonder how to create attractive birthday invitations, thank-you cards, posters and other graphics? Starting from scratch, this course will cover the basics of colors and graphics design using modern tools.

CS102: Website creation

Include search engine optimization

Level: Beginner; Pre-requisites: None

Starting from basics, this course will help you build a blogger website. You will learn to register your domain and host your website. You will also learn to include keywords that will help find your website better when people use Google.

CS103: Posting to social media

Post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

Level: Beginner; Pre-requisites: None

Curious about how to become active in social media? Overwhelmed by the different options? Here is a course to help you out.

CS201: Problem-solving using Computer programming

Using Python, Java or C

Level: Intermediate; Pre-requisites: None

Building a calculator, analyzing prime numbers, playing with strings and developing graphical user interface (GUI) and GUI-based games are a few of the problems through which fundamentals of programming, including complexity analysis, will be covered.

Java is one of the most popular programming languages. Python is fast overtaking as the most popular programming language. C is the classic programming language.

CS301: Theory and implementation of Algorithms and Data structures

Using C or Java

Level: Advanced; Pre-requisites: C or Java

Data structures and algorithms are at the heart of computer science. Mastering it is essential for mastering programming, for preparing for Olympiads, hackathons, coding interviews, GATE exam and developing libraries (API).

We'll cover linear data structures (arrays and strings, linked lists), complexity analysis, recursion, nonlinear data structures (trees, graphs), sorting algorithms and searching algorithms.

CS302: Explorations in Computer Science

Pre-olympiad problem solving

Level: All; Pre-requisites: None

This course starts with a thorough introduction to C/C++ followed by an in depth exposure to Algorithms and Data Structures. A whole bunch of Olympiad level problems and other problems from reputed resources which involve high level of creativity in solving them form the core of this course.

This program involves about 250 hours of regular meeting time.

CS401: Problem solving for placement interviews

Involving Algortihms and Data structures

Level: Advanced; Pre-requisites: Java

We solve several problems optimally involving linear data structures (arrays and strings, linked lists), recursion, nonlinear data structures (trees, graphs), sorting algorithms and searching algorithms.

This course will be very useful to prepare for coding rounds of core technical placement interviews.