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AS101: Hello Astronomy!

Intro to Astronomy and Solar system

Level: Beginner; Pre-requisites: None

Astronomy and space science are emerging as one of the top areas of interest in science. This program is designed for young minds who want to discover the space scientist inside them. We talk about the basics in a way that will interest creative minds.

Our vision is to remove the barrier stopping children from discovering their true potential in space science. Accordingly, we cover basic terminologies, concepts, and hands on activities, which are suitable for kids to understand and think about them further. This course entails 14 hours.

AS201: Explore Astronomy

Computer and spectroscopy skills

Level: Intermediate; Pre-requisites: None

Explore answers to most wondered questions about stars. Acquire some basic skills with diving into astronomy, computers and spectroscopy. Hop on with us for a ride to an amazing world waiting to be explored. This course entails 14 hours.

AS301: Data analysis in Astronomy

Using Python

Level: Advanced; Pre-requisites: None

Everyday, astronomers come up with enormous data which is quite hard to handle. Data Analysis and reduction is one key task in everyday astronomy. Upon completion of this module, you will know how to handle astronomical data, analyze them and work with them. Also, upon completetion about 2 or 3 students will be short listed for projects.

The course will cover the required features of Python, the different libraries, web scrapping, image reduction of optical observations, transient astronomy, space-time coordinates and differential equations.