Upcoming Events
1. Margazhi Mini Utsav

This is a month-long musical event which starts in the month of Margazhi – on 16th of December. While the famous Margazhi Maha Utsav provides a platform for seasoned artists, Margazhi Mini Utsav provides a platform for budding artists. In this event, participants get to perform a mini-concert. Register for all the events by clicking here and join our events by clicking here.

2. Talent Show

This event will be conducted on Sunday, Nov 28. This event is for the participant to showcase his / her talent to the world.

3. Math Mela

This event will provide a platform for participants to showcase the tricks they know, play fun math games, solve fun math puzzles and also learn some cool tricks using vedic maths. Join us on Dec 26, 2021 for a jolly festival of maths.

Classes & Courses
1. Vedic Maths Classes

Classes offered by us to teach your children tricks to quickly solve math problems, in a fun way.

2. Kannada Classes

Classes offered by us to teach your children spoken, written and literary Kannada in a fun way.

Past Events
1. Kannada Koota

This event was to celebrate Kannada Rajyostava. This event covered in a fun way the history of Karnataka, the reason behind the colors of the state’s flag, Basavanna’s life story and vachanas.

2. Life-Cycle of A Star

This event covered the life-cycle of a star, how the size and future of stars vary based on their mass and also covered other things about stars such as the stars’ fuel, its pressure, formation of stars, molecular clouds and protoclouds.

3. Carnatic Carnival

This event was for children to showcase their carnatic talent by singing songs and answering quizzes. There were three rounds in this event - recognizing songs and artists and singing a song in a given raga.